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Mount Batten Centre Charity Trust

In late 2014, the Mount Batten Watersports and Activities Centre was granted Charity status, the Centre had previously been run as a not-for-profit organisation.

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Successfully satisfying the strict criteria governed by Charity Law, the Centre has always considered the ‘advancement of education’ and the ‘advancement of amateur sport’ at its core and ‘to promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding of specific areas of study, skills and expertise.’

The Centre also satisfies the criteria of ‘public benefit requirement’ – as one of the leading Watersports and Activities Centres in the South West, the Mount Batten Centre provides activities, courses and programmes that both individuals, clubs and event organisers greatly benefit from.

“With our newly established Charity status we will be able to access funding and grants, and benefit from tax relief, enabling us to increase our offering and make further improvements to the Centre, ensuring that all of our activities continue to be for the benefit of the Plymouth, and wider, community.

Our new Charity status is much more than a formality – whilst I’m sure many of our customers already thought we were a Charity, the difference between operating now as one compared to a not-for-profit will benefit our current, and new, customers, now and in the future.”

Alex King

Centre Director, Mount Batten Watersports & Activities Centre, December 2014

With the Centre’s Charity status, opportunities to apply for grants and funding have been opened up and, over the years, since the Centre became a registered charity we have been successful in securing a range of grants and funding opportunities. These include a grant from the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to enable more young people with moderate or severe physical disabilities in Plymouth to get out on the water and enjoy sailing and a three year Children in Need funded programme.

The Mount Batten Centre Charity Trust is included on Give as you Live and the Centre hopes that many of its supporters, members and affiliates will choose the Centre when they shop online enabling the Centre to get more people enjoying activities.

The Mount Batten Centre Charity Trust, Charity number 1159633

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