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Multi Adventure Days (MAD)

Activity Days for ages 7 - 11 

Our MAD days really are MAD as you complete 3 action-packed activities in just 1 day! Suitable for ages 7-11, MAD days include a range of exciting water-based and land-based adventurous activities.

  • MAD days are £34.95 per person, or buy 2 for £59.95 when booking 2 people onto the same MAD day.
  • Become a MAD Adventurer - complete 4 MAD Days and get a 5th Day Half price!
  • All MAD days include a packed lunch

MAD Combinations

MAD Blue Day: Coastal Traverse, Canoe Raft and Problem Solving

  • Pull on a wetsuit and make your way along the rocky shore both in and out of the water
  • Paddle the Plym Estuary in our super stable Canoe Raft with your instructor onboard
  • Work together to solve fun, practical problems throughout the day

MAD Green Day: Slackline, Scramble Nets and Wacky Races

  • Test your balance...try walking across a bouncing, highly tensioned single piece of webbing!
  • It's all action on our scramble nets...How far will you make it?
  • Using a range of different equipment race together to try to beat the Mount Batten Records!

MAD Brown Day: Den Build, Beach Scramble and Soft Archery

  • Have a go at bushcraft by building a den to eat your lunch in and discover the Bear Grylls in you!
  • Learn how to safely scramble over rocks, complete beach challenges along way  and discover the fun of rock pooling!  
  • Try your hand at Soft Archery and find out if you are a modern day Robin Hood!    

MAD Yellow Day: Inflatable Rafts, Orienteering and Soft Archery

  • Take to the water with our inflatable rafts and see what fun challenges our instructors have in store for you
  • If you like treasure hunts then orienteering is for you...Learn to navigate the Mount Batten Peninsula at speed
  • Try your hand at Soft Archery and find out if you are a modern day Robin Hood!

MAD Red Day: Raft Building, Ladder Climb and Abseil

  • Raft Building is fun, wet and a super team activity as you design, build and paddle your own raft!
  • Have you got what it takes to complete the ladder climb challenge?
  • Climb over the edge of the building, dangle in space and then control your own rope as you descend back to the ground!
  Apr  May  June  July   Aug Sep  Oct 
 Coastal Traverse, Canoe Raft
and Problem Solving
10  31   28 3,11,15,25,31   27
 Slackline, Scramble Nets
and Wacky Race
11 29    24 2,8,14,22,30   24
 Den Build, Beach Scramble and
 Soft Archery
12   25 4,7,17,21 1 23
 Inflatable Rafts, Orienteering
and Soft Archery
13 30    26 1,9,18,23,28   25
 Raft Build, Ladder Climb
and Abseil
14   27,31 10,16,24,29   26



 How to Book

1. Contact us on 01752 404567 to confirm availability, or e-mail

2. Complete the INDIVIDUAL BOOKING FORM 2015 (doc) and return online to the e-mail above



Den Building 

Den Building

Ladder Challenge


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