The Centre celebrates eight years as a Charity Trust today (15th December). The Mount Batten Centre Charity Trust was formed after the Centre had previously been run as a not-for-profit organisation.

Successfully satisfying the strict criteria governed by Charity Law, the Centre has always considered the ‘advancement of education’ and the ‘advancement of amateur sport’ at its core and ‘to promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding of specific areas of study, skills and expertise.’

The Centre also satisfies the criteria of ‘public benefit requirement’ – as one of the leading Watersports and Activities Centres in the South West, the Mount Batten Centre provides activities, courses and programmes that both individuals, clubs and event organisers greatly benefit from.

Alex King, Chief Operating Officer/CEO says:

“At the heart of what we do here at the Centre is ensuring that those who want to be able to access the water or try new experiences are able to regardless of social, economic or physical constraints.

As a Charity Trust we have been able to access funding and grants previously unavailable to us as a not-for-profit organisation and the results have been life changing for those participants who can now enjoy these activities.

As key partners in the Plymouth Sound National Marine Park project we look forward to continuing, expanding on, and ensuring that anyone who wishes to enjoy the water is able to do so.”