After originally making plans to install a brand new AED (automated external defibrillator) in late 2019 and with subsequent delays caused by the pandemic, the Mount Batten Watersports and Activities Centre are pleased to now have had one of these potentially life-saving devices installed at the front of the Centre.

The AED was funded by the Centre itself aided by generous donations from Plymouth Youth Sailing, Cattewater Gig Club, Port of Plymouth Sailing Association, Mayflower Boat Owners Association and a personal donation was made by Centre Director, Alex King also (match funding a donation made to the WaveAfterWave Crowdfunder at Firestone Bay to further support water safety across the waterfront).

The AED is linked to a national database and can be accessed by calling the emergency services on 999 and providing the Centre location to obtain the specific code for its use.

This AED is now the second self-funded device on the Mount Batten peninsula; the first was installed at Plymouth Yacht Haven in 2013 which the Centre co-purchased with them.

At the heart of the Centre’s near 22 year history is the importance of health and safety, both on and off the water, and with more people beginning to enjoy the mental and physical aspects of the city’s waterfront location, never has it been more important to ensure that those that use the water are as safe as they can be.

Please ensure that you share amongst your own networks so as many as possible are aware of the location of this AED at Mount Batten.