With ‘Freedom Day’ as it has been termed rapidly approaching (Monday 19th July) we will continue to interpret both the laws, regulations and data in a responsible manner. Aside from anything further we will, as a Centre, and indeed a hub for engagement with the great outdoors and blue spaces, insist that when moving around the building, or in enclosed areas, that our staff continue to wear masks unless seated behind screens or seated at a safe distance from each other and away from customer contact areas.

We would also ask that our members, clients and customers continue to engage with the good practice measures we have had in place and continue to wear masks indoors when moving around the Centre, maintain social distance and also abide by the capacity limit signage displayed on the doors to public areas.

We will, as we always have done, constantly review, assess, and where relevant, make adjustments as we go forward with the specific intention of keeping us all as safe as we can whilst ensuring you can continue to enjoy the activities you do here at the Centre.

Alex King, Centre Director
Thursday 15th July 2021