Multi Adventure Days (MAD) - Activity Days for ages 7 - 11

Our MAD days really are MAD as you complete 3 action-packed activities in just 1 day!

Suitable for ages 7-11, MAD days include a range of exciting water-based and land-based adventurous activities.

MAD days are £36.95 per person, or buy 2 for £69.95 when booking 2 people onto the same MAD day. All MAD days  week include a packed lunch.

Use code "early6" at the checkout for a 10% discount when booked at least 6 weeks in advance! Offer can only be redeemed online and not be used in conjunction with any other offers

MAD Combinations

Bellboat, Photo Orienteering and the Boathouse Climb (Green Day)

  • All aboard one of our super stables Bellboats for fun paddling races and games try walking across a bouncy, highly-tensioned, single piece of webbing!
  • A Mount Batten twist on the fun sport of Orienteering
  • It's all action on The Boathouse Climb..will you make it to the top

Green Day dates: 23rd October


Giant SUP, Orienteering and Soft Archery (Yellow Day)

  • Fun and games with friends on an 8-person giant inflatable paddleboard.
  • If you like treasure hunts then orienteering is for you...Learn to navigate the Mount Batten Peninsula at speed!
  • Try your hand at Soft Archery and find out if you are a modern day Robin Hood!

Yellow day dates:  21st October


Inflatable Rafts, Ladder Climbing and Abseiling (Red Day)

  • Take to the water with our inflatable rafts and see what fun challenges our instructors have in store for you
  • Have you got what it takes to complete the ladder climb challenge?
  • Climb over the edge of the building, dangle in space and then control your own rope as you descend back to the ground!

Red Day dates:  22nd October


Seashore Survival, Slack-lining and Canoe Raft (Brown Day)

  • Rockpool and scavenge your way along the shoreline to equip yourself to build your survival shelter.
  • Test your balance...Try walking across a bouncy, highly-tensioned single piece of webbing!
  • Paddle the Plym Estuary together with your instructor and friends using a canoe raft

Brown Day dates: 25th October


 Coastal Traverse, Soft Archery and Problem Solving (Blue Day)

  • Pull on a wetsuit and make your way along the rocky shore both in and out of the water.
  • Try your hand at Soft Archery and find out if you are a modern day Robin Hood!
  • Work together to solve fun, practical problems throughout the day!

Blue Day dates: 24th October


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