School Holiday Courses

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Children’s Activities at Mount Batten are fun, action-packed and you will leave wanting more! The adventurous activities on offer are simply awesome and will appeal to all age ranges. Rest assured that all of the children’s activities offered will be delivered safely by qualified instructors.


Adventure Days

Through out the school holidays we provide a fun-filled, dynamic range of both wet and dry Adventure Days for 8 – 16 years (for younger adventurers please consider our MAD programme for 7 – 11 years, details found here on the MAD days programme). Adventure day timings are from 09.00 – 16.30 (except for the Stand up Paddleboard adventure day which is 09.00 – 15.00).

Adventure Days are available in the following activities:

·         Kayaking and Canoeing

·         Dinghy Sailing

·         Hawk 20 Sailing

·         Climbing & Abseiling 

·         Windsurfing*  

      ·         Stand up Paddleboarding**  

What ever you choose you can be guaranteed a fun-filled day!

We also offer a Multi-Activity Week giving you the opportunity for an action-packed week trying a whole variety of fun and exciting activities on and off the water. For further details please contact the Centre.

All Adventure Days include a Packed Lunch and cost £36.95 per person, or buy 2 for £69.95 when booking 2 people onto the same adventure day!

*Please note Windsurfing and Stand up Paddleboarding Adventure Days are for 11 – 16 years

** Stand up Paddleboarding Adventure Day is a shorter day from 09.00 – 15.00

  • Dinghy Sailing Dates: 23 July, 6/13/20/27 August, 29 October 
  • Hawk 20 Sailing Dates:  22 July, 5/12/19/16 August, 28 October 
  • Climbing & Abseiling Dates: 21/28 July, 3/10/17/24 Aug, 27 Oct
  • Windsurfing Dates:  24 July, 7/14/21/28 Aug, 30 Oct
  • Kayaking and Canoeing Dates: 20/27 July, 3/10/17/24 Aug, 26 Oct
  • Stand up Paddleboarding Dates: 29 July, 13/27 Aug


Certificated Courses

We run Certificated Courses in Dinghy Sailing, Powerboating and Paddlesports throughout the school holidays for those looking for a structured training pathway:

RYA Young Sailors Stage 1 & 2 (5 days): The ideal week long introduction to Dinghy Sailing for those with no previous experience – by the end of the week you’ll be sailing confidently and hooked to this fantastic sport! Courses commence on these dates: 20 July, 3/10/17/24 Aug, 26 October

RYA Young Sailors Stage 3  (5 days): For those who have completed Stage 1 & 2 and are looking to develop their sailing skills to become a more independent sailor. Courses commence on these dates: 3/10/17/24 Aug

RYA Junior Powerboat Level 1 (1 day): Learn how to drive a powerboat! A 1 day introduction to Powerboating covering fundamental boat handling skills. Dates: 24 July, 7/28 Aug, 30 October

British Canoeing Paddlepower Start (1 day): On this introductory course you will have the opportunity to paddle a Sit-on-top Kayak and a Canoe. Through the course you will master basic paddling skills whilst going on exciting journeys, playing games and you will work towards the British Canoeing Paddlepower Start Certificate. Dates: 24 July, 14/21 August

Multi Adventure Days – Try 3 awesome activities in 1 day!

Our MAD days really are MAD as you complete 3 action-packed activities in just 1 day! Suitable for Ages 7-11, MAD days include a range of exciting water-based and land-based adventurous activities.

MAD days are £36.95 per person, or buy 2 for £69.95 when booking 2 people onto the same MAD day. All MAD days  include a packed lunch

Check out our MAD days programme here for your MAD experience!